Arman Tulegenovich Shuraev

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Kazakhstan Barysy, the Kazakh Kures Development Fund.

Born on 7 May 2021 in Voldarskiy district of Kokshetau region. Graduated from Kokshetau Pedagogical Institute (1990), Adilet Higher Law School (2001) and Kokshetau Institute of Economics and Management (2005). Russian language and literature teacher, lawyer, Master of Economics.
Building his career from the editor of youth programs on the regional radio station to the chief executive officer of the national TV channel, in 2010 he found the organization, inspired by the results of national sports in such countries as Mongolia and Japan. Arman is the head of the National Kazakh Kures Federation since 2014. For the 5 years of the Fund activities, he had reached high levels of Kazakh kures development within the country, as well as its promotion to the world audience.

Arman is married and raises four children.